Preliminary Seeding
Seed Name Class./Rank Club(s)
1 Bason, Arlo Roselyon Fencing Club 
2 Callaghan, Lewis Shoebury And Southend Swords 
3 James, Alexander Russell Swords 
4 Lee, Caspian Sussex House Fencing Club 
5 Florea, Luca Russell Swords 
6 Wagdi, Yaqub Salle Paul Fencing Club 
7 Crees, Ashley Salle Paul Fencing Club 
8 Cioffi, Luigi Cobham Fencing Club 
9 Roberts, Harry Salle Paul Fencing Club 
10 Basak, Sinan Sussex House Fencing Club 
11 Vassiljev, Maksim London Fencing Club 
12 Heal, Alexander Unattached 
13 Genieser, Graydon Unattached 
14 Craig, Theo Team Melia Cymru 
15 Clarke, Zachary Russell Swords 
16 Kronabetter, Alexander Salle Paul Fencing Club 
17 Bird, Louis Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club 
18 Dusseaux, Alexandre Escrime Academy 
19 Heal, Caspian Sussex House Fencing Club 
20 Zanoni-Kincaid, Leon Lampeter Town 
21 Carrell, Johnny Cambridge Sword 
22 Kontakos, Harry Newham Swords 
23 George, Kieran Barnstaple Fencing Club 
24 Mead, Edward Salle Kiss Fencing Club 
25 Thomas, William Roselyon Fencing Club 
26 Miller, Talon Roselyon Fencing Club 
27 Robinson, Aiden Paul Davis Fencing Academy 
28 Deans, Benjamin Chichester Fencing Club 
29 Edlinger, Alex Salle Kiss Fencing Club 
30 Sharples, Thomas 999  Swindon Fencing Club 
31 Ivory, Lachlan 999  Salle Holyrood 
32 Bertrand, Noah 999  Unattached 
33 Mulheron, Logan 999  Bryant Blades 
34 Brown, Alexander 999  Unattached 
35 Khajuria, Rishi 999  Sussex House Fencing Club 
36 Akinola, Akintunji 999  Unattached 
37 Sandford, Raphael 999  highams park fencing club 
38 Picton Tully, Oskar 999  London Fencing Club 
39 White, John 999  Paul Davis Fencing Academy 
40 Johnstone, Alfred 999  Unattached 
41 Charman, Oliver 999  Unattached 
42 Dew, Rocco 999  Chichester Fencing Club 
43 Willetts-Court, Milo 999  Stourbridge Fencing Club 
44 Cullinane, Arthur 999  ZFW Fencing Club 
45 Findlater, Hawkie 999  Sussex House Fencing Club 
46 Geddes, Lachlan 999  Unattached 
47 Syme, Cameron 999  Salle Holyrood 
48 Kington, Joseph 999  Droitwich Spa Fencing Club 
49 Bowles, Paul 999  Sussex House Fencing Club 
50 Stahl, Matthew 999  Sarum Swords 
51 Evans, Augustin 999  Unattached 
52 Keogh, Benjamin 999  ZFW Fencing Club 
53 Roberts, Aaron 999  Unattached 
54 Power, Jared 999  ZFW Fencing Club 
55 Bet-Mansour, Ayrton 999  Escrime Academy 
56 Mead, Alfred 999  Salle Kiss Fencing Club 
57 Anderson, Alexander 999  Unattached 
58 Bullock, Daniel 999  Sutton Coldfield Fencing Club 
59 Holden, James 999  Unattached 
60 Hudson, Zac 999  Herefordshire Fencing Club 
Competitor Check-In Status
0  of  62  competitors checked-in.
Status Name Club(s)
  Akinola, Akintunji  Unattached 
  Anderson, Alexander  Unattached 
  Basak, Sinan  Sussex House Fencing Club 
  Bason, Arlo  Roselyon Fencing Club 
Belbouab, Mohammed  Newham Swords 
  Bertrand, Noah  Unattached 
  Bet-Mansour, Ayrton  Escrime Academy 
  Bird, Louis  Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club 
  Bowles, Paul  Sussex House Fencing Club 
  Brown, Alexander  Unattached 
  Bullock, Daniel  Sutton Coldfield Fencing Club 
  Callaghan, Lewis  Shoebury And Southend Swords 
  Carrell, Johnny  Cambridge Sword 
  Charman, Oliver  Unattached 
  Cioffi, Luigi  Cobham Fencing Club 
  Clarke, Zachary  Russell Swords 
  Craig, Theo  Team Melia Cymru 
  Crees, Ashley  Salle Paul Fencing Club 
  Cullinane, Arthur  ZFW Fencing Club 
  Deans, Benjamin  Chichester Fencing Club 
  Dew, Rocco  Chichester Fencing Club 
Dore, D. Truman  Sarum Swords 
  Dusseaux, Alexandre  Escrime Academy 
  Edlinger, Alex  Salle Kiss Fencing Club 
  Evans, Augustin  Unattached 
  Findlater, Hawkie  Sussex House Fencing Club 
  Florea, Luca  Russell Swords 
  Geddes, Lachlan  Unattached 
  Genieser, Graydon  Unattached 
  George, Kieran  Barnstaple Fencing Club 
  Heal, Alexander  Unattached 
  Heal, Caspian  Sussex House Fencing Club 
  Holden, James  Unattached 
  Hudson, Zac  Herefordshire Fencing Club 
  Ivory, Lachlan  Salle Holyrood 
  James, Alexander  Russell Swords 
  Johnstone, Alfred  Unattached 
  Keogh, Benjamin  ZFW Fencing Club 
  Khajuria, Rishi  Sussex House Fencing Club 
  Kington, Joseph  Droitwich Spa Fencing Club 
  Kontakos, Harry  Newham Swords 
  Kronabetter, Alexander  Salle Paul Fencing Club 
  Lee, Caspian  Sussex House Fencing Club 
  Mead, Alfred  Salle Kiss Fencing Club 
  Mead, Edward  Salle Kiss Fencing Club 
  Miller, Talon  Roselyon Fencing Club 
  Mulheron, Logan  Bryant Blades 
  Picton Tully, Oskar  London Fencing Club 
  Power, Jared  ZFW Fencing Club 
  Roberts, Aaron  Unattached 
  Roberts, Harry  Salle Paul Fencing Club 
  Robinson, Aiden  Paul Davis Fencing Academy 
  Sandford, Raphael  highams park fencing club 
  Sharples, Thomas  Swindon Fencing Club 
  Stahl, Matthew  Sarum Swords 
  Syme, Cameron  Salle Holyrood 
  Thomas, William  Roselyon Fencing Club 
  Vassiljev, Maksim  London Fencing Club 
  Wagdi, Yaqub  Salle Paul Fencing Club 
  White, John  Paul Davis Fencing Academy 
  Willetts-Court, Milo  Stourbridge Fencing Club 
  Zanoni-Kincaid, Leon  Lampeter Town