138rd Wenlock Olympian Games Sunday
Wenlock Open Individual Epee Championship
In the 19thCentury Dr William Penny Brookes instigated an Olympian Games for the people of Much Wenlock and the surrounding area. Pierre de Coubertin visited and used the principles behind this event to start the Modern Olympics. The links between Much Wenlock, the modern Olympian Movement and Greece continues today and was used as part of the London bid for 2012. The Wenlock Olympian Fencing Competition takes place alongside all the other sports disciplines at this Historic event.
Venue: Much Wenlock Sports Hall, William Brookes School, Farley Road, Much Wenlock, Shropshire TF13 6NB
Events: 14 July 2024: Latest Report Time
Men’s Epee 9.00
Women’s Epee 9.15
Once again this year we are running an Epee competition. this is a BF Ranking Competition. Entry Fee £30.00.
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